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Selected Solo Exhibitions

2022 'Tout un Tas de Curiosités, etc' Galerie Pascale Peyre, Sète, France

2021 'N’ iMPoRTe Qui PeuT FaiRe N’ iMPoRTe Quoi' Perpignan, France

2021 'ANYWAY' Galerie de ETANT DONNES, Nime, France

2020 'Invitation to the City of Versailles/La nuit de la creation', Galerie de EBA, France

2019 'De quelqu’un' L’ime art Gallery, Paris, France

2019 'Variation : Rouge, Jaune, Bleu' ArToll-Kunstlaber, Bedburg-Hau, Germany

2018 'Fête l’ estampe contemporaine' Galerie de EBA Versailles, France

2017 'Good Night, Analog Photo Good Morning, Digital Photo' Zaha Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2016 'the way to the island : Odyssey in Anmyeondo' the Seoul Arts Center, Cheon-An, Korea

2015 'Odyssey in Anmyeondo' Doosan Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2014 'The Island is a Buoy' Gallery MOKSPACE, London, UK

Recent Personal Project/Land Art Land Art Related

2021 (August 22-23), PLAY BUOY, an international project with 1,000 tube objects floating on the west coast under the theme of humanity's resistance to COVID, Anmyeondo, South Korea

(Chosun Ilbo full-page article and TV Chosun 9 o'clock news 2 minutes intensive, sponsored by Shinsegae Property)

Video viewing 1 : 

Video viewing 2 : 

Video viewing 3 News : 

2021 (July), 30,000 pyeong wheat field in Andong and near Nakdonggang River, drawing and performance of 'smoke, blue, stone' under the theme of 'Drawing in the air', Andong, South Korea

Video viewing_acting :  

2021 (May), large-scale installation work that moved roof tiles from the Joseon Dynasty to the beach, Anmyeondo, South Korea 

**This artwork to be exhibited at the Bali Festival 


2019 (October), The purpose of is to install hundreds of buoy objects geometrically on the beach and watch the process of dismantling or mutating by the pulsation of nature. Anmyeondo Island, South Korea : Video viewing : 

2018~ , Refugee and Immigration Related Projects, Paris, France

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