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Born in 1950, Boryeong, Korea

Lives and works in Goyang and Incheon, Korea


Selected Solo Exhibition

2023  <緣-Destiny>, Chungdam Beaux Arts gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2022  <緣-Destiny; communication with the world Ⅱ>, Samwon Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2022  <緣-Destiny; communication with the world Ⅱ>, Sungkok museum, Seoul, Korea 

2022  <緣-Destiny; communication with the world Ⅱ>, Insa Art Plaza Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2020  <Punching the holes, Tangle and precious connection>, Gallery Hongju, Ganghwa-do, Korea           

2018  <Lee Hee Don Gallery Opening ceremony show>, Gallery Hongju, Ganghwa-do, Korea 

2014  Hankyung Gallery, Seoul, Korea  

2014  Leadersaka Gallery, Seoul, Korea  

2014  Sejong Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2012  Goyang Aramnuri Gallery, Goyang, Korea 

2012  Asan Gallery, Seoul, Korea 

2011  Hangaram Art Museum, Seoul, Korea 

2010 Beijing798, China

2010 Seosnan Gallery, Seosan, Korea


1st World Peace Exhibition, Honorary Mention

24th, 25th, 26th Creative Art Competition, Honorary Mention

1st DAN-WON Art Competition, Honorary Mention

23th Korean Culture and Art Exhibition, Gold Prize, etc.



The National Assembly, National Museum of Modern Art, Korea(Government Art Bank), National Museum of Modern Art, Korea(Art Bank), Korean Federation of Art and Culture  Organizations, Gold Color, Hyowon Culture Training Institute, Korea Office, Hamodek Co., Ltd., Cheil Investment Bank, Seoul National University Hospital,  Yangpyeong County Museum of Art, President Benu Srnivasan, India.TVS Motors Group (second place in business), etc

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