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Born in 1964, Seoul, Korea

Lives and works in Busan, Korea


B.F.A.   Hongik University, Seoul, Korea

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2023 Between Jealousy and Curiosity, Gallery Raon, Seoul

2022 Monochrome drawing for Cars, EREVO SINSA, Seoul

2022 Love Actually Modern, Vintage HLUT, Seoul

2021 Farmland Develop Project, BIAF BEXCO, Busan

2021 Story of the Big City Gallery, Palais de Seoul, Seoul

2019 Systems of Nature, Gallery Namu, Seoul

2021 Mars Development Project, Onyou Gallery, Anyang

2019 Full metal City,  Art-EXPO COEX, Seoul

2017 story of the Systems, K&P Gallery, New York

2017 Planet development project, Hansae Museum, Busan 

2017 Story of the Big City, Onyou Gallery, Anyang

2017 Systems of Nature, ArtM Space, Seoul

2016 Systems of Capitalism, Gallery Knot , Seoul

2016 Phantom of machine the PREQUAL, Gallery Art plaza, Seoul

2016 People in Basel, Gallery 31, Seoul

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